Saturday, July 16, 2011

Aphids infestation of Asian Persimmon and Loquat

I found lots of the tender leaves of my Asian persimmon and loquat tree all curl up. The ants are climbing up the tree for something. After peeling open the the Persimmon leaves, there are hundreds of tiny green and yellow dots on the leaves and ants are crawling around it.  It seems to be particular bad this year due to the unusual warm spring. After treating my Persimmon trees with fruits sprays, it got better for couple weeks then they come back again. After surveying other trees in my yard, I found that my loquat trees got the Aphids too. They aggregated on the back side of the leaves of the new shoots.
The tender leaves of my persimmon tree curled up.

Many aphids hid at the back side of the tender leaves of
loquat tree

I think I've found the reason why I can never stop the infestation of the aphids of my Asian persimmon.  The loquat tree appears to be the alternative host for those aphids.  As I killed the aphids on the persimmon trees, the aphids are continueing to spread from the loquats.  I decidd to pick a few tender leaves from the loquat tree to look at under my microscope.  The aphids are very lazy insects.  As I picked the leaves, the ants are all scared and running around.  The green dots (aphids) stayed calm and still enjoying the juice from succulent tender leaves.  I looked at those tender leaves under my stereo microscopes at 20X or 40X.  The tiny green dots now appears to be aphids
The aphids like to aggregates on the veins of the tender leaves to suck
the juice.

Found a few winged adults in the colony.

The pictures of aphids were taken with Tucsen 3.0 MP CMOS microscope camera from Ample Scientific SM-Plus stereo microscope.  The eyepiece needs to be removed and inserted the adaptor with the 30mm adaptor ring for photo taking.

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