Monday, June 6, 2011

Chucky Gal Mountain Field Trip

We have looked forward to returning to North Carolina for rock hunting since last year's visit to hiddenite gem mine.  The school was just ended couple weeks ago.  We can't miss this GMS field trip to Chucky Gal Knob.  It's a two and half hours drive from metro Atlanta.  Due to the high elevation, it was as hot as Atlanta.

Waiting at the intersection of Hwy 64 and Buck Creek
for other rock hounds to show up.
There are green rock (not showing due to the light condition) 
all-over the place.  The surface is porous caused 
by the weathering.

Ruby corundum crystals can be found in the green

Another photos of a Ruby Corundum crystal in the 
Smaragdite.  The color of the rubies can be anywhere 
from pink to purple.  There are also some very bright green 
minerals found in the matrix but I am not sure what they are.

Picture show the layer of weathered surface and green 
interior of the smargadite.

Soap stone (Talc)

Another commonly found rock is soapstone.  They are light and form layers.  They are very soft to touch and very smooth to touch.
Some soapstone exhibit green color tone.

Some soapstones are more black in color.

Megan seems to be more interested in the stone in
white color.  In the picture is the milky quartz.

Some Smaragdite on milky quartz.

Although we have not found any ruby of good size but the sprinkles of ruby found in the green Smaragdite already making us very excited about the trip (Some member did find a strip of ruby of finger width.).  Maybe we will hit the jackpot next time.

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